Wednesday, August 11, 2021

GGS 377 Gaslighting


This week we discuss movies on Gaslighting, but start with a recap of Olympics events of the week, other things we watched (Susan spoils/not spoils Fear the Walking Dead season 6, Cort plays The Sims), then the movies 29:37 Gaslight (1944), 35:13 The Stepford Wives (1975 & a little bit of the 2004), 43:08 Possession (2009). Our tangent this week is to DuoLingo tips (50:31), then back to some other gaslighting movies 54:41. Kelly spoils/ruins the movie Mother! 56:20-1:06:00

1:06:00 Next week we’re watching some of Susan’s mother’s favorite films in honor of her birthday on August 15th

Soylent Green (rent)

E.T the Extra Terrestrial (AmzPrime)

Heaven Can Wait (HBOMax)

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