Saturday, June 5, 2021

GGS 367 A Perfect Summer Wine Getaway


Summer is finally upon us. This week Cort and Kelly indulge in a weekend getaway or three. First, listen in as we enjoy a spoiler-free chat catching each other up on what we’ve been watching lately. (20:12) Amy Poehler took us to Napa in the Netflix comedy Wine Country. We weren’t really in love with it and thought of a few movies that took this concept and did it way better. (30:15) Next, we hit the beach with John Candy in 80s classic, Summer Rental. Susan was getting some serious Jaws vibes at one point, but then this would’ve been a totally different movie. If you watched the Extra Credit, you got John Candy matching wits with a bear and Dan Aykroyd. (36:57) Finally, it was time to visit beautiful Kauai with Timothy Olyphant and Chris Hemsworth in A Perfect Getaway. Really, throw in a few serial killers and what more could a girl ask for.

47:16 Next week, we’re kicking off our celebration of Pride Month
Baby Steps (Hulu)
Why Are You Like This (S1, Netflix)
Other People (Netflix)
Extra Credit:  The Watermelon Woman (SHO)

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