Tuesday, May 11, 2021

GGS 364 Mother's Day


Where did we spot Catfish in the wild? Who's whipping it out this week & what does that have to do with motherhood? How do you say "men without hats" in Norwegian?

Susan, Kelly, & Cort talk about different mothering styles represented in the movies & shows they watched. 
First, they spend a few minutes talking about shows and movies watched that were not homework this week (Tiny World, Greenland, Stowaway, the trailer for Awake, Mare of Easttown, Van Helsing, TCM film festival on HBO Max, the American remake of #Alive, Romeo Must Die, Selena).

The main topic:
21:31 Mom (Hulu)
30:20 The Color Purple (HBOMax)
46:49 The Joy Luck Club (rent)

1:08:29 Next week's creature features
An American Werewolf in London
Howl (Shudder)
The Reef (AmzPrime)
The Hug, The Gillymuck, Undo (3 short films on Hulu)
Tiny World (Apple TV+)

Thank you for listening.

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