Monday, March 29, 2021

GGS 357 Sports!


This week Susan, Kelly, & Cort discuss our version of March Madness (sports movies/shows) starting around 7:21 (Friday Night Lights, Mighty Duck Game Changers, Being Serena) 

16:30 Real Sports (most recent episode, HBO Max)
32:48 Tiger
38:08 Borg v McEnroe
43:05 Seven Days in Hell (HBO Max)
48:25 Ted Lasso
54:30 Sports Night
1:01:47 Battle of the Sexes & The Replacements

1:05:20 Next week we're watching the Up Series (Britbox) and 7Up 2000 following a new group of children on tubi

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Thank you for listening.

Original music by Garrett Thompson
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