Friday, January 15, 2021

GGS 346 Dangerous Podcasting


This week was supposed to be all about sex, but it turned out to be torture for Cort & Susan with 3 versions of the same story.
Dangerous Liaisons (SHO), Cruel Intentions (HBOMax), Dangerous Liaisons (Chinese) (AmzPrime)
Extra Credit - Secretary (Peacock), Silk Stalkings, eps 1&2 (Vudu/Tubi)
Susan's documentary choices - Penn & Teller's Bullshit! S6E1 War on Porn (SHO) & Sex Explained (Netflix)

Next week we're checking out the Arthouse with
In the Mood for Love, Tampopo, & Brother from Another Planet (extra credit) (all on Criterion), Dogtooth (free on hoopla, kanopy, tubi or with Shudder subscription), and Street Trash (extra credit for those who like bad movies. It's on shudder).

Get your best of 2020 lists together, we're presenting The Soupies in 2 weeks.

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