Thursday, December 31, 2020

GGS 344 Holiday Action


On our final podcast of 2020, we're discussing more Christmas & Holiday viewing, but it's not necessarily what one would think of as such. But first, we are joined by Camille to learn what she's been doing since we last spoke and what she believes to be true about the movie Die Hard. Our extra credit watching this week - Tenet, Midnight Sky, Soul, Wonder Woman 1984, Sylvie's Love, Bridgerton, & The Morning Show.

15:01 Die Hard & Die Hard 2 (HBOMax)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney+)
Anna and the Apocalypse (Hulu & AmzPrime)
Bad Santa (rent)

35:00 Next week - Trading Places (extra credit rental), The Ref (hoopla), Oceans 11 (HBOMax), Holiday (Criterion, Ghostbusters 2 (AMC on demand, rent)

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