Thursday, December 10, 2020

GGS 340 Happy Holidays

 This week we look at a few holidays other than Christmas (15:22)

Hum Saath - Saath Hain (Netflix, Diwali)
Koran By Heart (HBOMax, Ramadan)
Seinfeld S9E10, The Strike (Hulu, Festivus)
Eight Crazy Nights (Showtime, Hanukkah)
Everybody Hates Chris, S3E10 Everybody Hates Kwanzaa (Peacock, Kwanzaa)

...and a few extra credit holiday films (34:39) Krampus & Just Another Christmas

43:05 We decided an episode of The Office was a better celebration of Diwali than the movie we picked, so watch it on Netflix for next week (S3E6, Diwali). Since we'd normally be knee-deep in awards movies by now, it's a good time to torture Susan with biopics:
Mank (Netflix)
Radioactive (AmzPrime)
People vs OJ Simpson (Netflix)
extra credit: Control (rent on Apple)

This week's "extra credit" movies/shows: Uncle Frank, The Shop Uninterrupted, Baby God, Euphoria, The Good Wife (Cort watched for her appearance on the STVD Podcast), Ted Lasso, Let Him Go, Freaky, Mr Soul!, Small Axe: Mangrove, Working Man, Mulan

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Thank you for listening.

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