Wednesday, November 11, 2020

GGS 336 Food for Comfort & Celebration


Have we averted a White House disaster? Time will tell. We can say that we watched a few things besides election coverage - The Primary Instinct, The Turkey Bowl, Hollywood's Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story, Pretty Woman, Golden Girls, & Chris's cable access movie show Couch Potato Party

This week we chat about food, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown S9E4 Queens (CNN On Demand, Hulu Live, 15:35)
Babette's Feast (HBOMax, 24:37)
Eat With Me (AmzPrime, 33:50)

46:05 Next week, we torture Kelly with comedy:
She chose All of Me (HBOMax) as a comedy she likes
Cort chose One Day at a Time (Netflix)
Susan chose Big Time Adolescence on Hulu, but if you hate it & can't continue, rent The Jerk or stream PeeWee's Big Adventure on Hulu

Closing music You About to Lose Your Job (Remix)

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Thank you for listening.

Original music by Garrett Thompson
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