Tuesday, October 13, 2020

GGS 332 Departure Day


Dearly beloved, we have gathered here to get through this thing called life. In this week’s episode of Geek Girl Soup, Kelly and Cort are celebrating another Departure Day (Happy 10/14!!). Meanwhile, our Susan has departed, but no worries. It’s like how Cousin Larry from “Perfect Strangers” departed...not at all like Gary Busey. That’s right! We’re at it again. “The Leftovers” remains one of those shows that continues to give new insight and moments you can savor or cringe over again and again. Sorry, Gladys. If you’re not on your sixth re-watch you’ve fallen behind, but won’t hold it against you. Listen in and then give the show another viewing.

Check out Susan’s movie stats on Letterboxd https://letterboxd/barbisu/stats/

Thank you for listening.

Original Music by Garrett Thompson

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