Thursday, July 16, 2020

GGS 318 Creative Tangent Women

On this supersized podcast, Susan, Kelly, & Cort discussed pandemic birthdays, things we watched this week (Greyhound, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Turkish dramas, Seven Days to Die (video game), Saving Face, The Old Guard, Homemade, Only, Stateless, Reality Z), and finally our "homework" for the week:
Hala - Apple TV+ (21:40)
Queen Sugar - Hulu S1, Episodes 1&2 (27:30)
A Severe Test - AmzPrime (39:40)
Star Girl - Dis+ (47:29)
Growing Up Female - Criterion Channel (51:10)

Next week (1:04:25):
Chef (AmzPrime)
Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)
Chuck (AmzPrime)

Close (1:10:12): Kelly's pronunciation of everything is called into question and Susan can't pick the right plural pronoun while trying (and failing) to end the podcast for 20 minutes...

Thank you for listening.

Original music by Garrett Thompson
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