Tuesday, June 16, 2020

GGS 313 Black Cinema Matters

Kelly, Cort, & Susan began this week talking about the extra credit/unofficial homework we did - Dave Chappelle 8:46 on YouTube, They've Gotta Have Us (Netflix), Da 5 Bloods (Netflix), an Academy Awards update, and Saturday morning adventures.
This week's official homework was a dramatic film and two documentaries covering the history of Black films, tv shows, and entertainment.

Susan - Medicine for Melancholy (IFC) 19:02
Cort - Horror Noire (Shudder/AmzPrime) 23:33
Kelly - The Black Godfather (Netflix) 33:33
More Saturday adventures, next week's homework, and closing 38:43
Next week: first and last episodes of classic medical dramas
Kelly - St Elsewhere (Hulu)
Cort - House (Amazon Prime)
Susan - ER (Hulu)

Thank you for listening.

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