Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GGS 117 Game of Thrones End of Season 5

Susan & Chris are joined by Pat to talk about Game of Thrones season 5.  Bubba & Catfish from The Joffrey of Podcasts apply some Joffrey-centric unstraightening to the analysis of season 5 as well.

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Listen to Kelly & me tell the truth about Joffrey on The Joffrey of Podcasts episode #13. Catch up on Bubba & Catfish and their love of King Joffrey (First of his name, first in our hearts) on The Joffrey of Podcasts. Listen to their other podcasts this summer covering the BBCAmerica show Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell on Lost Hope and the FX show The Strain on Got Your Milk.

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