Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Latest Way to Procrastinate


Breaking Bad starts in August, so I'm taking my time watching the entire series again. In the meantime I found a recipe to make blue rock candy here. So far I've made two batches, with the second having the greatest possibility of being Heisenberg approved.

Crystal Blue Perfection: the finished product from the second batch

The first batch in a pan cooling. It's a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper

I poured the second batch into silicone cake pans and let it cool. When it was room temperature, I put it in the bags so I could break it into pieces.

This flashlight was the only thing I found nearby to do the job. I went out today and bought a meat tenderizer.

Batch two is on the top and batch one in the smaller container looks green next to it. I think it was the flavoring I used for it, Lemon.

bagged candy


and grouped by weight

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