Friday, June 21, 2013

GGS 060 Summer Movies part 2 Spoiler Boogaloo

In this epic length podcast, Susan, Kelly, & Scot discuss summer movies with boatloads of spoilery goodness. Susan has lots of silly questions for Superman expert Scot and biology expert Kelly. During the Star Trek Into Darkness talk, Scot gets into Susan's brain. Later, Susan talks to Chris about his opinions of the big 3 movies so far this summer.

0 Susan spoils Fast & Furious 6
2:43 Iron Man 3 (Scot's instinct is to hate)
7:50 IM3 & Man of Steel spoiler combo & silly questions
37:40 Kelly, Scot, & Susan spoil Star Trek Into Darkness
1:02:00 Spoiler Soup - The Dark Knight Rises, MoS, & STID
1:18:26 Chris spoils STID
1:39:45 Chris spoils IM3
1:48:14 Chris spoils MoS

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