Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GGS 059 E3 and Summer Movies part 1

In this podcast, Susan gets geeky with Amelia & Chris, then with Kelly & guest geek Scot. In Summer Movies, part 1, we have non-spoilery discussion of what movies we've seen so far this summer. (Summer Movies part 2 (GGS 060) is filled with spoilery goodness and part 3 (GGS 061) is what we're going to see later in the summer)

0-16:12 Susan & Amelia discuss E3 with Chris
16:12-41:25 Susan, Kelly, and Scot talk about the movies they've seen so far this summer. Also, Kelly podcasts en francais
41:26-end Susan & Amelia talk with Chris about what he's seen so far this summer

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