Thursday, May 2, 2013

GGS 050 Herding Hosts

In this podcast, you will hear from all four hosts, but not all together. We start with a message from Amelia about a fundraiser for her best friend Mary Anne. She needs your help to kick cancer's ass!  Check out the details at or donate now.

Next, Susan and Kelly talk True Blood, House of Cards, binge watching them and other shows (Arrested Development, Downton Abbey, Top of the Lake, The Killing, and Rectify), the next movie to be made from a book we've both read (Divergent), and a few summer movies.

Chris joins Susan and Kelly for more movie talk (Headhunters, Tell No One, Trance, Battleship Earth, and Control) and some Game of Thrones discussion.

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  1. Cool. I get to hear the rest of the show!

    1. The first half...The rest of the show will come out next week :)