Sunday, February 3, 2013

GGS 041 The Debate Continues

In this podcast, Susan & Amelia talk about several shows we may or may not be watching starting or returning in February. Is Mike really a big fan of Kevin Bacon? Why can't we stop watching the show Catfish? Also, the Community v TBBT debate rages on, as it will until the end of time.

The Following has me interested so far. Justified is back and I'm enjoying the further adventures of Boyd & Raylan. House of Cards started Friday on Netflix & I've watched 3 of them so far & will continue right after I finish watching Catfish, the movie. I'm going to finish Downton Abbey this week (thanks to iTunes) before Community, The Walking Dead, & SouthLAnd come back. Dallas, Project Runway, & The Americans are still waiting on the DVR to be watched. I have found a couple of new scripted reality show comedies on BET: Real Husbands of Hollywood and Second Generation Wayans. 

Other shows starting in February are Monday Mornings, Do No Harm, Touch, Survivor, and Psych. The 18th is Amelia's birthday, so celebrate with her virtually. In March Grimm, Revolution, and Game of Thrones return. Amelia will watch Game of Thrones episode 1 before our next podcast and report back to us about it. 

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