Thursday, October 25, 2012

EmCity 14 4Day Junkyard Exeunt Omnes

In this podcast Susan, Amelia, and Chris discuss the last four episodes of OZ!

(written by TF & Bradford Winters/directed by John Henry Davis/theme: forgiveness)
Everyone in Em City has a different opinion of the newest inmate, Idzik. Meanwhile, Alvarez receives some shocking news, Murphy makes a confession to Glynn, and Beecher finds himself in a perilous position as a result of his devotion to Keller.

A Day in the Death…
(written by TF & Sunil Nayar & Bradford Winters/directed by Daniel Loflin/theme: causes of death)
New inmate Idzik faces his enemies and requests a transfer. Meanwhile, the Loewen case grows increasingly complicated, the Muslims run into business trouble, and the inmate population comes together to support the O'Reilys.

Junkyard Dawgs
(written by TF & Chuck Schweitzer/directed by Theodore Bogosian/theme: junk)
Three new inmates arrive at Oz, one of whom is particularly close to the O'Reily clan. Meanwhile, the Keller-Beecher-Schillinger triangle gets even more pointed, and an awards banquet ends in a fateful discovery.

Exeunt Omnes
(written by TF/directed by Alex Zakrzewski/theme: true facts)
In the final episode of this hit drama series, Oz is in upheaval following the return of Martin Querns. Meanwhile, Howell and Robson each receive troubling news, Mukada answers an unsolved mystery, and the O'Reilys struggle to make amends. Finally, the prison production of 'Macbeth' ends with a staggering final act.


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1 comment:

  1. I'm pleased we did it. Sorry if we seemed unfairly harsh. I must say Susan, you are a Trooper! You put up with being savaged for liking this beloved property in a saintly manner. Kudos! I can only pray to be as willing to take the bullets when we dive into one of my favorite shows. Feel free to show no mercy!