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TB10 13 Best and Worst of Season 5

In this podcast Susan and Kelly are joined by Sistah Speak True Blood's Sistah J & Sistah K to discuss the best and worst of season 5. These are just a few of the things we thought stood out this season. Below is half of our lists and the podcast contains the rest. What did you think?

Sistah J - Best
  1. Russell staking Roman
  2. Eric glamours Alcide to think that Sookie disgusts him.
  3. Pam rescuing Tara from the tanning bed.
  4. Russell pretending to go along with the Lilith cult.
  5. Lafayette tells Sookie, “Hell, you a white girl, they gonna believe you.”
Sistah J - Worst
  1. Russell is goo (bummer!)
  2. Luna’s mean/argumentative attitude towards Sam
  3. Hoyt’s whining pity party
  4. The black guy in the redneck club
  5. Only seeing Kenya in a few scenes all season
Sistah K - Best
  1. Pam - all scenes, all dialogue (except 1)
  2. Bill/Stephen Moyer - Love his shifty eyed looks
  3. Eric "tall drink of Viking water" Northman/Alexander Skarsgaard
  4. Alcide butt booty nekkid
  5. Steve Newlin's reveal "I'm a gay vampire American"
Sistah K - Worst
  1. Not enough Lafayette in the last half of the season
  2. Andy is a super cop now and can tell from a tire track what kind of car they are looking for? Come on!!!
  3. Sam has a super nose all of a sudden? Him and Luna could tell there was a fat woman who ate Cheetos and drank Mello Yello...yet he didn't know who was killing all the women in season 1? I don't think so!
  4. Pam and Tara as a couple
  5. King Russell met the true death
Susan - Best
  1. How the Vampire Authority storyline reflected current issues in politics and religion. Discuss amongst yourselves.
  2. Seeing the  flashback to Terry and Arlene's wedding. We had no idea what happened in the 13 months while Sookie was missing. This helped fill in some of the time.
  3. Jessica glamours Hoyt, she and Jason tell him goodbye. It was so sad, but a well done scene. I'll miss that Hoyt, but not the mean Hoyt who hates Jessica. He's obviously never seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in which people have their bad memories erased. Spoiler alert - it changes you as a person.
  4. Sam's vampire-who-swallowed-the-fly kill of Roslyn
  5. Mirella's fairy-orgasmic birth of quadruplets. If only it were so clean, quick, and painless in real life...
Susan - Worst
  1. True death of Roman. I wanted to see more scenes with Guardian Roman & King Russell
  2. Hoyt joining the hate group because he thought he had their love and acceptance
  3. Alcide & JD's packmaster challenge. It was just boring
  4. Lafayette's imitation of Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. He's one of my favorite characters on the show and could have had his own  style, not recreated something else so recognizable.
  5. Not enough of the Fairy elder. She could have given us lots of information!
Kelly - Best

  1. Rev Vampire Steve showing up at Jason's door, glamouring Jason to let him come in, then confessing his love/lust for Jason. Hilarious! I found Rev (human) Steve kind of scary in season 2, but I found him funny and charming in this season, not as wonderfully wickedly charming as Russell, of course. And I don't expect that he will be able to replace Russell, but I am enjoying his presence on the show. I also loved Jessica showing up to save Jason from Rev Vampire Steve. It was also sweet to see Jason sort of back to his old naive self. He has always come across as innocent to me, even when he's doing something tawdry or violent. His intentions always feel simple and naive, making him rather endearing--and quite the opposite of Rev Steve, in either him or vampire form. Rev Steve is always conniving and manipulating. Jason is just trying to be happy, trying to make someone else happy or trying to protect the people he loves--no malice in that boy at all.
  2. Pam's quote, "You don't know me that we'll. My mad face and my happy face are the same." I could have put a quote from or a scene with Pam for all 10 of my best mentions. I love how much more we got to know Pam this season. I hated that Eric released her, but I adored that scene. I love watching Pam and Tara's relationship evolve. Who would have ever thought that Pam would like Tara, much less kinda love her!?!
  3. Sam Merlotte killing chancellor Roslyn when, in the form of a fly, he flew into her mouth and transformed back into a human from inside her. Yuck! Shocking and horrifying but very clever. Sam rocked this season.
  4. Andy saying to Jason in the office/jail: "We just kicked the bejesus out of Joe Bob . . . I mean, Joe Bob fell off his bunk and he still wouldn't say who the dragon is." I laughed so much at that line.
  5. Jessica giving vampire Tara her "It Gets Better" speech. I LOVE the real-life tie-ins in the show. Along those lines, I would award a best mention to all the religious themes throughout this season. I loved how much the show dove into those issues. It also tied in nicely with season 2 and Jason first meeting Rev Steve in the Fellowship of the Sun. Vampires then seemed to be above religion, only to discover that their religious mythology is actually deeper than that of the humans.
Kelly - Worst

  1. Luna being sick. When she was transforming back into herself after being Sam, I think it was, she was as sick as Tommy had been right before he died. There were three or four times that it looked like Luna was going to die, and I got really annoyed with it. It's not that's wanted her to die. It's that I wanted them to stop teasing us with it. Live, die or shut up--I stopped caring about her. (Until she briefly warned the world on camera about what the vampire Authority was really up to. Her strongest moment of the season.)
  2.  Hoyt joining his "pro-human," Obama mask-wearing, vampire-killing buddies. He redeemed himself when he released Jessica. But I was very disappointed that he joined them at all. I know he was dealing with a bunch of personal issues, but this was just annoying to me.
  3. The klan/dragon storyline. I do tho it's a fine storyline to have, tying in with real world events and issues. But this just felt like an unnecessary distraction from more pressing and interesting events. And did Bud the old sheriff really have to be killed off all of a sudden?
  4. Tying into number 3, did the coroner have to killed off randomly, too? I get the point that people were being turned into vampires willy-nilly. But why him, HBO?
  5. Werewolf Ricky. I appreciated having a season in which Sookie wasn't having sex, but did Alcide really need a replacement for her that quickly? And what on earth does he see in Sookie if his real type is Debbie and Ricky? Sookie isn't like them at all, so it's weird to me that Alcide would be attracted to all three of them. This will sound awful, butPoor Ricky and Debbie made Sookie look high class. Maybe Alcide views Sookie as the dream girl he can never have?
We received a list from our listener Angela as well. Her best of season 5 were Lafayette talking to Gran in the bedroom telling Sookie where to find the scroll and Eric & Nora in the storage container & Eric's line to Bill, "we fight like siblings and fuck like champions!"  Angela's worst were Jason telling Jessica he could never love her because she's a vampire and Eric releasing Pam.

We have read most of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, but we promise not to spoil any of the storylines that haven’t already been covered in the show.  Since the show is explicit, this podcast is also tagged explicit so we (and you) can quote and discuss the show as it was made - with all the blood, sex, and hot vampires that we can handle.

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