Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EmCity 11 Visitation Laws Dream Valhalla

In this podcast Susan, Amelia, and Chris discuss the first 4 episodes of season 5: Visitation, Laws of Gravity, Dream a Little Dream of Me, & Next Stop Valhalla.

Correction: Adam Bernstein directed Hazard Pay from Season 5 of Breaking Bad.

(written by TF/directed by Alex Zakrzewski/theme: historical figures & prison)
In the Season Five premiere, Oz re-opens in the wake of major renovations that had to be completed following a gas explosion. Rev. Cloutier (Luke Perry)--who had been bricked up behind a wall--barely survives the blast. Meanwhile, Arif wants O'Reily blamed for O'Keenan's death, but O'Reily has other plans in mind.

Laws of Gravity
(written by TF& Sean Whitesell/directed by Rob Morrow/theme: the three laws)
McManus thinks White may reform if he spends quality time with Said; Alvarez offers Guerra a unique solution to their dispute; O'Reily's mother, Suzanne Fitzgerald, begins a community service term teaching music at Oz; and the FBI stirs up trouble over Hank Schillinger's death.

Dream a Little Dream of Me
(written by TF& Sean Whitesell/directed by Adam Bernstein/theme: dreams
Brass wants to know who cut his tendon; Redding and Morales form another uneasy alliance; the burned Rev. Cloutier's mysterious influence over his followers grows more intriguing; and Keller returns to Oz, only to be hit with an ID from an old murder charge.

Next Stop: Valhalla
(written by TF& Sunil Nayar/directed by J Miller Tobin/theme: Norse mythology)
Penders, Hill and Alvarez are given a chance to train seeing-eye dogs; Martinez gives Brass a 'cocktail' he definitely didn't order; the love triangle between Beecher, McClain and Keller becomes more complicated; and two new young inmates become pawns in a battle between Blacks and Aryans.

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