Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Em City 10 Blizzard Descending Even Words

In this podcast Susan, Amelia, and Chris discuss The Blizzard of '01, Orpheus Descending, Even the Score, and Famous Last Words. With this podcast, season 4 is finally ended.

The Blizzard of ‘01
(written by TF/directed by Leslie Libman/theme: snow)
O'Reily is in for a surprise when a visitor reveals the truth about his past, while Cyril faces trouble for his difficult behavior. Meanwhile, Morales and Redding lay out plans that could lead to all-out war in Em City.

Orpheus Descending
(written by TF& Sunil Nayar & Sean Whitesell/directed by Gloria Muzio/theme: Orpheus)
McManus calls a superficial truce between Redding and Morales. Basil finally sees his wife, but Hughes ends up spoiling their happiness. Meanwhile, Cyril's latest outburst proves to be the last straw.

Even the Score
(written by TF& Sunil Nayar & Sean Whitesell/directed by J Miller Tobin/theme: sports)
McManus finds he is unable to turn his back on White. Beecher tells the parents of the young girl he killed that he's up for parole. Howell tries to blackmail O'Reily so she can get to Cyril, but he throws her for a loop--and then O'Reily is thrown himself by a family secret.

Famous Last Words
(written by TF& Sean Whitesell/directed by Adam Bernstein/theme: last words)
In the Season Four finale, Hill discovers where his true allegiances lie. Redding's plot to use the Colonel against Morales has an unexpected outcome. Cloutier runs into trouble from his church on the outside and his parishioners in Oz. White gets a little too close to McManus. Beecher's agony about his parole hearing leads to a shocking climax.

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