Monday, April 2, 2012

Em City 05 Nothing But Boney Legs Disasters

In this  podcast Susan, Amelia, and Chris discuss the first four episodes of season3, eyebrow acting, and whether or not prison is BJ camp.

The Truth and Nothing But…
(written by Tom Fontana (TF)/directed by Nick Gomez/theme: truth)
In the Season Three premiere, Beecher is still in the hospital, Alvarez is still in solitary for blinding Rivera, Adebisi is back in the kitchen and McManus starts dating a new CO. Meanwhile, O'Reily plots revenge against Schillinger for raping his retarded brother Cyril and Beecher uses fingernail retaliation to pay back Metzger for a beating.

Napoleon’s Boney Parts
(written by TF/directed by Matt Dillon/theme: Napoleon Bonaparte)
No one knows who killed Metzger. Meanwhile, McManus hires his friend Sean Murphy as a C.O. and he launches a boxing program. Hill faces a dilemma when a new inmate reveals that he murdered an entire Italian family. Adebisi sticks Nappa with an AIDS-infested hypodermic.

(written by TF/directed by Keith Samples/theme: running)
In the boxing program, O'Reily spikes Robson's spritzer bottle with drugs and Cyril knocks him out. Rebadow's mother (Uta Hagen) tries to persuade him to meet his son and grandson. Meanwhile, Nappa finds out he's HIV-positive and is moved to Cell Block E. Keller wants to patch things up with Beecher, but Beecher has only one thing on his mind: killing Schillinger.

Unnatural Disasters
(written by TF& Bradford Winters/directed by Chazz Palminteri/theme: God’s will)
O'Reily and Keller plot to ice Andrew. McManus is forced by the prison brass to settle Howell's sexual-harassment suit. Hanlon's murder convictions get overturned and he's allowed back in gen pop--where he has troubles with Vogel's pal Stanislofsky. Adebisi makes a deal with Pancamo to whack Wangler, while Wangler and Pierce plan to whack Adebisi.

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