Sunday, February 19, 2012

#EasyA's 33rd Birthday!

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. I celebrated with friends and family at dinner last night and I hope fun was had by all. My geek girl was definitely the fact that my mom decorated the table with little boxes of Nerds (candy) or by the gifts I was given. A Doctor Who coffee mug and the first season of South Park were among the many generous gifts.

In honor of my 33rd year I thought I'd share 33 things that I geek out over. Some on the list I do more than others but all of them get my geekiness going. 

1. Back to the Future - My favorite film!

2. Scrabble - My best friend and I have spent many a Saturday night sitting at Denny's or Starbucks playing the word game.

3. The Big Bang Theory - Currently my favorite TV show!

4. Shaun of the Dead - The film that instigated my zombie love!

5. The Soup - I'm a "Soup" fan from way back...I started during the Talk Soup transition from Greg Kinnear to John Henson and while I have a bit of a soft spot for Hal Sparks, Joel McHale is by far the best.

6. David Cook - Yes, I'm still an Idol watcher. Have been since the first season. If you listen to Geek Girl Soup you've probably heard me talk about the show I started watching ironically and then got hooked on it. As a result my celebrity crush for the last four years has been self-described "word nerd" (and the absolutely beautiful) Cook.

7. Criminal Minds - Another of my favorite shows. I don't always get into "crime" dramas. I have watched CSI and gravitate toward the NY version more so than either of the others, but the one crime show that I can watch for hours on end is Criminal Minds. Perhaps because I've connected with the characters, they're all very different personalities but they fit together like a perfect puzzle. 

8. Books - Not much to say...I'm a total book slut!

9. The Partridge Family - It's true...I enjoy the fictional 70s music-making family. David Cassidy's was the first autobiography I ever read and I have their greatest hits on my iPod. It's hard for me to resist "I Think I Love You". 

10. Musicals - Growing up I was a theatre geek...still am, really. I think a good chunk of my student loans paid for theatre tickets when I was in London. (Okay, not really, but it felt that way at the time).

11. Chuck - Wow, there's a lot of TV shows on this warned there's a few more to come. Chuck came about during those couple seasons that nerds were becoming cool on TV. Something we knew all along, right? It's easy to geek out over a spy like James Bond but Chuck was much more accessible. He was the everyday nerd who just happened to become a spy. The show itself may have been a nerd guy's (or girl's) wet dream but there was something undeniably special about it.

12. Superheroes - Okay, admittedly I don't have extensive knowledge of superheroes. I have 2 Superman comics in my possession that I have every intention of reading but haven't yet. I've seen many a superhero movie but still don't know enough to win a debate over them. But I do geek out over them. Particularly superhero-centric clothing. Love it!

13. Words - Kind of goes with #2 and #8, doesn't it? Oh well. I do love words individually. Especially really big words. Antidisestablishmentarianism, anyone?

14. Doctor Who - I had heard people mention this show in hushed tones during my teenage years and early 20's, like some secret society for those more intelligent than I. I heard about it again when it came back in 2005 from my hair stylist...gotta love a gay geek boy : ) I didn't start watching until David Tennant showed up and I was hooked. I've lagged since Matt Smith but intend to get back to it. 

15. Star Wars - I love it! I think this happened by way of my brother. He's a big fan. 

16. Harry Potter - Saw the movies before reading the books. Have seen all but the last film and have only read up to book 5. I still kind of geek out over it though. These are probably my favorite rainy day, sit on the couch with a big blanket and a milkshake movies. Why a milkshake? I have NO idea. My mind is a weird place.

17. Dancing alone in my room - I know what you're thinking. Does she really geek out over THAT? I do. I enjoy it. Mostly because I can't dance. But I like to and I like music so it's not so unusual to find me rocking out to some Killers and dancing at my desk.

18. Writing - I'm a writer. You hadn't guessed, right? I have been for as long as I can remember. I love to write. I don't always think I'm very good at it but I love it.

19. Libraries - Have you heard the Geek Girl Podcast #AmeliasEasy?? If you have you understand my fascination with libraries. If not...go listen.

20. Glasses - When I was a kid I was forced to wear glasses. Did I get made fun of? I'm not sure but if I had to venture a guess I would say yes because I eventually refused to wear them. Nowadays I wear reading glasses. I like them. Would I like and wear them more if they had a nerdier look to them? Absolutely! Until I get those my wire ones will have to suffice. And if I'm being totally honest...I've always found guys wearing glasses a bit more attractive. And if they don't need them and just put them on to do it...that works too.

21. Graphic Design - Few people know I actually went to school for graphic design. I love it and when I can I do it. Most notably with the Geek Girl Soup logo. One day I'll find more use for it. Particularly typography. I'm a total geek for typography!

22. Photography - Like writing and graphic design this is one of those things I've just always done. I love it. I wish I could do it more. 

23. Apple products - So if theatres in London got a portion of my student loans then the electronic fruit stand definitely got a portion of it too. 

24. Film - Most of my high school years I wanted to direct films. I eventually figured out I wasn't quite as passionate about it as I feel someone should be. Still a huge fan of it though.

25. Giraffes - I know, I'm like a six-year-old. I love giraffes! I have a giant plush one that sits on my bed at all times. If I could have one as a pet I totally would.

26. Art - In general. Part of my graphic design degree was spent in art history and art appreciation classes. It worked! I now have an appreciation for it. The Tate Modern in London, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and The Menil (Houston) are some of my favorites!

27. Pinball Machines - I'm not quite a pinball wizard but I love the games. Will take a pinball machine over a video game any day!

28. Blogs - Meta much? 

29. Vintage Cameras - In addition to books I collect vintage cameras. I don't know how they all work but I love them and love searching resale shops for them.

30. Bowling - I do love working out and being active but when it comes to sports this is my favorite. I love everything about bowling...not just the shoes, I do own a pair, that I wear, out in public, just because.

31. Graphic T-shirts - I think I've got two drawers full of graphic tees. They're just fun. I've heard fashion type people on fashion type shows say after a certain age you shouldn't wear them. You should dress your age and after age 20 graphic tees are no longer a viable option and to those people I say...screw you, my graphic tees rock!!

32. Magazines - Like books I'm addicted to these. Despite what I wrote in #31 I'm prone to picking up fashion magazines, what I really go for though are men's magazines. Typically Details because I like the writing. I also read Vanity Fair and Wired. Cosmo is rubbish (as far as I'm concerned) and I can do without tabloids.

33. London - I've lived there off and on during the last 5 years. There's a few other places in this world I'd love to live but this is the one that will always have a piece of my heart.

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