Sunday, October 16, 2011

Returning Fall Shows


 "I remember my dream now, why I dug the holes." Jim, The Walking Dead, "Vatos"

I find it appropriate that as I write this post, The Walking Dead season 1 marathon is playing in the background. In preparation for the season 2 premiere tonight, I started rereading the comics (on which the show is based. There are some changes.) last month and finished with issue #89 this week. The show and the comic, if you haven't heard, are about a group of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Last week, I watched Breaking Bad, which was on at the same time on the same channel as TWD. They just ended their fourth season. Next year is their final season, so all of you who haven't watched this show yet, still have several more months to watch seasons 1-4. Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix streaming.

Another one of my favorite Sunday night shows is Dexter. He's been cleaning up the streets of Miami for 5 great seasons (ok, some have been greater than others). I would also like to watch the second season of Boardwalk Empire, but there's no time on Sundays. A couple of weeks ago, Drop Dead Diva's third season ended. I like that show, it really helps me calm down after the intensity of the other shows I watch on Sunday nights. A lot of people have recommended The Good Wife, but I just haven't had time for it yet.

Mondays I sometimes watch House, but that never lasts for more than a few weeks. Last year I started watching How I Met Your Mother on a regular basis, and I will continue watching this year. Tuesday nights are slow, I should watch Boardwalk Empire then. The only show I am interested in watching on Tuesdays is Sons of Anarchy, which I discussed in a previous post. Another of my favorite shows is on Wednesday nights, Modern Family. I usually don't like sitcoms, but this one is hilarious, and has been in its first two seasons and so far in its third. Another surprise for me is Happy Endings. I know I should hate it, but I don't. South Park is still offending people everywhere. As long as you know this and can deal with their humor, the show is enjoyable.

My favorite Thursday night show is Community. It's odd and quirky, just the way I like a show to be. I enjoy The Big Bang Theory and The Office on Thursday nights as well. FX is a couple of weeks into the new season of The League. The appeal of this show for me is also a mystery similar to the reasons why I like Project Runway and Top Shot. I'm not a big fan of the subject of the show or competition, but there's something about it which I find fascinating.

Of course the best thing about Friday nights is The Soup. It's new just about every week and should be an hour long instead of just 30 minutes, but I understand Joel has another show to do every week, *sigh.* It's mostly a rundown of the reality shows, but occasionally scripted shows make it on The Soup. Recently, a scene from Fringe was on. Does that mean they've jumped the shark? The best part of the Soup is, naturally, #TweetSoup on Twitter every week. Follow our Twitter feed (@GeekGirlSoup) and join in as you watch the show. After The Soup, I get a more serious look at the world with Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.

That's my week of returning shows. There are still a couple more new ones coming and some returning shows on cable. What do you watch that I left off my list?

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