Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reality Shows, part 2

I watch some of these occasionally, when I remember, others I watch each week. Many of them show up on TheSoup each Friday and we talk about them on #TweetSoup. BTW, whatever happened to Ma's Roadhouse? That was a crazy show!

Survivor (CBS)
They’re back in Samoa with two tribes of newbies & two veterans to “lead” them. Did they learn anything from last season with Boston Rob & Russell? If not, who do you think will win, Coach or Ozzy? I hear this season on America’s Next Top Model, they’re doing an all-star competition. They don’t have any winners or newbies in the game. The competitors have all done this before. So if I were casting Survivor, I’d bring back the veterans as advisers, not competitors.

Top Chef: Just Desserts (Bravo)
It’s the best pastry chef competition ever. The Willy Wonka challenge, how cool was that!! I want to learn how to make a few of those things. I just love seeing what they create, haven’t picked a winner in this season yet.

Project Runway (Lifetime)
I’m not a fashionista, but there’s something about this show that I find interesting. Like Top Chef, I love seeing what the contestants will create. This season, they’re doing a lot of team challenges and no one wants to work with Burt!

Top Shot (Hist)
Really? This show gives me a nice survey of weapons available for protection in the zombie apocalypse. They combine physical obstacles and target shooting with a variety of weapons. The host is Colby Donaldson, from Survivor. He definitely has learned a lot from Jeff Probst. They’re currently in season 3. There are a few women in the show, but so far, none has made it past a few weeks. Maybe next year…

Tattoo shows LA Ink/NY Ink (TLC)
The final episode of LA Ink has aired. I’ve been watching it when I remember that it’s on. When the tattoo shows began, it was cool to hear people’s stories about the art they’re putting on their bodies permanently. That’s still my favorite part of the shows. The shop drama is not all that interesting to me, but seems to be more and more of the show.

Storage Wars (A&E)
This is one of those shows that I started watching on vacation. I was in the hotel room waiting around to go to dinner & it caught my eye while channel surfing. In each show a group of resale store owners and collectors bids on storage units then searches through them to find out if they got a good deal or not. There are good guys, villains, and comic relief among the cast and that’s why each show is different – you never know what you’re going to find in the lockers.

Whisker Wars (IFC)
Who knew facial hair was a sport?!?!? Is it a surprise to anyone that the rest of the country hates the Texas team? I’ve seen a couple of episodes of season 1 and I can’t tell what’s makes beard great. The competitions shown in season 1 are all in preparation for the World Beard competition in Norway in Freestyle, Natural Beard, and other categories.

Hoarders (A&E)/Hoarders Buried Alive (TLC)
The first time I saw Hoarders, I purged and cleaned for a few hours. Friends tell me this is a common reaction. Both shows are basically the same – a person has experienced a trauma, then starts hoarding. Each season, they find people who are more and more damaged, or are facing legal trouble, including jail time. I can’t watch this show every week.

Others...yes, there will be more. The Amazing Race starts again next weekend, and I'm sure Joel McHale will tell me about crazy new shows when we "get together" Friday evenings.


  1. I like Top Shot quite a lot. Which is weird since I'm not really a fan of guns. The in-house drama gets to be a little much. There was a woman named Athena on the 2nd season who was from Katy- she lasted for several episodes. I think the one female competitor on the first season left because her dad was having medical problems. The do need more women on the sho. Been meaning to check out the new season on Hulu.

  2. sigh, storage wars is a guilty pleasure....