Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last DVD


Like many people, I decided to keep Netflix streaming and cancel the DVD service, so today I'm watching my last DVD. I've been a Netflix subscriber on & off since 2003. In the beginning I used it to watch the Babylon 5 series. I decided to drop the DVD service because of the Sept 1 price increase & my great ability to procrastinate. The record for a Netflix DVD to stay at my house was about 6 weeks.Now I'll be getting my DVD rentals from Redbox at $1 per night. Unfortunately, they only have new release movies, no TV series, so I'll have to check out Hulu or some other source for those (suggestions are welcome).

My final DVD is disc 2 of 3 from Undeclared, the Complete Series. For some reason, I didn't watch this in the brief time in which it was on ten years ago, but I'll watch the reruns whenever they're on IFC. So now, even though I've seen each episode at least twice, I'm loving the DVD. Undeclared is a Judd Apatow show about a group of college freshman, kind of like Freaks and Geeks goes to college. The deleted scenes and commentaries are just as hilarious as the show itself. The show stars Seth Rogen, Charlie Hunnam (Jax, but with a British accent!!!), Jay Baruchel, Carla Gallo, Monica Keena, Timm Sharp, and Jason Segel. I still can't believe that Charlie Hunnam from Undeclared is the same Charlie Hunnam currently in Sons of Anarchy. He may be the reason why I started watching Undeclared, just to see what he had been doing before he played a bad-ass outlaw biker on TV. Unless I know someone who owns the DVD set, I'll have to wait until I own it to see the final disc.

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