Thursday, September 15, 2011

GGS Reality...part 1

One of the things Amelia and I do is live tweet E!’s show The Soup on Friday nights at 9C. Follow us on Twitter @GeekGirlSoup, @AmeliaAvalos, and @barbisu to play along. In preparation for Friday night’s #TweetSoup, here’s an update on some of the reality shows I’ll admit to watching.

So, 2011 was the year to reward bad behavior on Big Brother. The show ended without any big surprises. The last show where there was any excitement was the double eviction show in which Danielle and Jeff were evicted. They were the leaders of the factions of the house, which left their minions to play the game for themselves. Kalia had been playing with a strategy, but the rest were left to flounder & figure out the game for themselves.

Brendon and Rachel will have the wedding of their dreams, good for them - and they just won a honeymoon trip to Aruba on today's The Talk. The only real mystery was Adam’s vote, which went to Porsche. *shocker* This summer I was on Team Dani & Team Kalia, so my fun ended when Kalia got evicted from the final five. Can we get a recount on America’s Favorite Player vote - Jeff? He was America’s Bully, but I guess now he can buy a nice engagement ring for Jordan when he’s not busy making ignorant homophobic comments. I’ll try not to watch next year, but I’m sure I’ll get sucked in all over again *sigh*

They’re back in Samoa with two tribes of newbies & two veterans to “lead” them. Did they learn anything from last season with Boston Rob & Russell? If not, who do you think will win, Coach or Ozzy?

One of my favorite lesser known reality shows (that never makes it onto TheSoup) is “Life After.” There are just a few episodes shown at seemingly random times on TVOne interviewing people who used to be famous. Everyone they have interviewed gives frank, honest answers about life in the limelight and how their lives have changed since they’re not the superstars they used to be. Some of the people profiled include Ruben Studdard, Taimak, Ron Artest, Jaimee Foxworth, Al Reynolds, Shar Jackson, and the woman who spoke my favorite quotation from the series, Janet Hubert – “If you want me to kiss your ass, you’ve got to put it in my contract.”

Reality shows that shouldn’t be more than one episode (or one season at the most), but I'm glad they keep going so we can enjoy them on The Soup.
Hillbilly Handfishin’
I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant
I Faked My Own Death
My Super Sweet 16/Kid Parties
Toddlers & Tiaras
Bachelor Pad
Any show with Paris Hilton and/or a Kardashian

In the next installment of GGS Reality, we'll talk more Survivor, Project Runway, and Top Chef: Just Desserts

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